Using Your iDevices iShower2

iShower 2 works with both Apple® iOS and Android™ devices and has up to a 200ft. Bluetooth® Range.
iShower 2 is powered by 3 AA batteries.
The iShower 2 is water resistant, meaning it isn’t meant to be entirely submerged.

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Problem Solving

Resetting the iShower 2 can solve several issues. To reset, hold the Play/Pause button and Bluetooth/Pair button at the same time for 10 seconds while the iShower 2 is powered on.
The display will flash "CLR Pair" 5 times and then power off.

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Returns and Warranty Info

If a product purchased from our online store does not meet your expectations, you may contact us to facilitate a return for refund within 30 days of purchase.
iDevices offers a 2-year limited warranty on any in-wall product, covering manufacturing defects.
iDevices offers a 1-year limited warranty on any plug & play product, covering manufacturing defects.

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